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    Double Dragon 2 Remake

    This game was made for a contest held by the guys over at conitec.
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    The contest rules were:
    A new contest is on its way and this time it's a retro game contest. Yes, you've heard it right, we will use the power of GameStudio to recreate an "oldie but goldie" game. You can simply clone the original or create an improved version of the original game (graphics-wise, gameplay-wise, etc).

    I started out developing this too late actually, which made me deliver a half-broken version of the game.
    After submitting, I took some more time to finish it, even though it was too late for the contest, I am quite happy with the way it turned out eventually.

    The game is a remake of the first half of level 1 on the NES version of Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge.

    Features are:
    - 2D to 3D (visual style)
    - up to 4 player support (2 player limited in the demo)
    - Ragdolls
    - and ofcourse old school Beat 'em up gameplay! (yes, the spinkick is also implemented! try kicking while jumping ;))
    - now added Hit FX and Sound
    - (secret feature; try the Konami code on the menu)

    player 1:
    WASD - move
    Q/E - punch/kick
    R - block
    C - jump

    player 2:
    IJKL - move
    U/O - punch/kick
    P - block
    M - jump

    you can download the demo by clicking the image below:

    download demo DD2

    Images from the game can be seen below.
    I hope you enjoy the game, I would like to hear any feedback (it being good, it being bad, what to change, etc etc)
    You can contact me via details in the about page.

    DD2: image 1 0f 6 thumb
    DD2: image 2 0f 6 thumb
    DD2: image 3 0f 6 thumb
    DD2: image 4 0f 6 thumb
    DD2: image 5 0f 6 thumb
    DD2: image 6 0f 6 thumb