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    Downside Evil

    I have been helping out on this title as scripter.

    It started out with fixing some simple code.
    Turned out into rewriting some parts of the code, simply because I love this project myself as well.

    Some of the things I have done so far is rewriting the code for handling weapons, and fixing animation issues (code now blends the player).
    Work on this title is not done though, I'm going to be working on the AI soon.

    Below is the new movie made by Christian himself.

    Before I started helping out, Chris made a great movie to capture the mood of the game a bit more.

    The movie can be seen below, but again, this is to capture the mood, it was made before I had to do with the project.

    And as a quick teaser; 2 images showing some of the first rough A* code for the zombies to follow.
    Downside Evil: image 1 Of 2 thumb
    Downside Evil: image 2 Of 2 thumb