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    Killzone 2

    I worked on this game for a period of 16 Months.
    When I first started working at Guerrilla Games (Homepage), I started out as an Intern for 10 months.
    During the first 10 months, I had the task to clean up all the waypoint area's (which I for 75% on the whole game have redone),
    fix all area's the player or AI could take cover against/behind, and bring around coffee, as that's what an Intern should do.

    During this period, I had to get myself acquainted with all the Tools, People and the production pipeline.

    I then moved into the role of Junior Level Design, and got to work on the tutorial part of the game.

    (From the beginning till around 2:12)

    This was done quite quickly, and I was moved to something new on the project.
    I teamed up with a Senior Designer, and started working on the Final Boss Battle (Radec).

    My responsibility here was to implement the design we came up with.

    Funfact: I had beed doing alot of crunchtime for this.
    during a period of 2 months, I would be at the office 7 days a week, often more then 8 hours a day.
    My Diet existed solely of a Pizza shoarma (meat) and 1 litre of Coca-Cola every night.
    That's without my lunch and breakfast! Needless to say, I turned into quite a chubby monster.
    I had gained 35 Kilo during that period...

    By the end of this period, after a lot of hard work, it resulted in the Radec battle that\'s in the game now.

    This was my first job in the professional games industry, when I started out, I was only 19 years old.
    I was the youngest in the Company, and to date I still am.