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    The Realms of Fantasy

    This game was made together with Lennart Hillen.

    We made this game when we were about 15 years old, and still learning all the ins and outs of how to create games.
    Creating an RPG was indeed slightly over ambitious at the time, but we had fun and learned alot along the way.
    Proving we had fun, is this webcam image of me dressing up as a character we wanted to develop for the game:

    Cosplay: image 1 0f 1 thumb

    The demo contains some scenery that was finished over time.
    Images below showcase some of these area's.

    Controls are:
    WASD - move
    Y - change movement (there's 2 types in the demo)
    TAB - open inventory (press TAB twice to close)

    Click the image below to download the Demo (~28MB):
    download demo TRoF

    Here you can find a list of images showing some of the scenery from the Demo.
    Hope you enjoy okaying the Demo as much as we learned development over the years.
    As always, if you have any feedback, questions, or just like to say Hi, you can find my contact details in the about page.

    Images from the TRoF Demo:
    TRoF: image 1 0f 6 thumb
    TRoF: image 2 0f 6 thumb
    TRoF: image 3 0f 6 thumb
    TRoF: image 4 0f 6 thumb
    TRoF: image 5 0f 6 thumb
    TRoF: image 6 0f 6 thumb